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June 6, 2017

How To Spend This Mother’s Day With Heart And Gratitude 



How much are moms worth?

Well, in 2016, Americans spent $21.4 billion (yes, with a B) on Mother’s Day gifts, with the average cost per gift averaging $172.00. And according to the latest survey by the National Retail Federation, that amount is set to increase to $186.39 per gift in 2017.

In short: moms are worth more than ever.

But where is all that money going? 36% of shoppers are planning on their Mother’s Day gift being jewelry. Another popular gift is to surprise Mom with personal services like a spa day—which 24% of shoppers say is their gift of choice. For some perspective, spending on jewelry is up 19%, and personal services up 15%.  American doesn’t skimp on its gifting, that’s for sure.

But as a mother of three young children, I know that what matters most to me (and so many other moms) is the simple gift of spending quality time with family. Even though America tends to go credit card swipe crazy when it comes to Mother’s Day, I plan on celebrating with my own mother and mother-in-law, who is visiting from San Antonio, Texas, indulging in some much-needed family time. Mother’s Day is meant for appreciation, and there are plenty of ways to show how much you care without breaking the bank.

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