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Our Services

Sun Group Wealth Partners is a comprehensive wealth management company that caters to clients ranging from small businesses to individuals and families, as well as nonprofit organizations situated across the West Coast and around the globe. 

Work towards transforming your financial dreams from concepts to reality.
Retirement Planning

At Sun Group Wealth Partners, we understand that retirement planning is a deeply personal and vital aspect of your financial well-being. 

Comprehensive Planning

Sun Group Wealth Partners specializes in comprehensive custom wealth management, encompassing tailored strategies and expansions across diverse financial landscapes.

529 Plans

Sun Group Wealth Partners cares about you and your family’s education planning goals. We can provide valuable assistance to your family with your 529 college savings planning in several ways.


Sun Group Wealth Partners works with nonprofits to help them properly manage their financial accounts, work with their board of directors as trusted fiduciaries, and provide advice on their donor outreach.

Saving Pie

Invest for your future with our new online platform that combines the benefits of a personal financial advisor with sophisticated technology.

Cash Management

10 Things You Should Know About Investing In Municipal Bonds

Wealth Transfer Strategies

Our tailored approach is designed to help you preserve and transfer your wealth while minimizing tax implications and ensuring your legacy is well-preserved.

Smart Tax Planning

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